/ˌbaɪoʊfɪlˈtreɪʃən/ (say .buyohfil'trayshuhn)

a system in which living materials are used to chemically process pollutants, as happens in sand or gravel water filters which provide a site for microorganisms to improve water quality.
Biofiltration is used to prevent stormwater run-off disgorging into waterways, bringing with it sediments and contaminants that have negative impacts on water quality. Excess nutrients, such as nitrogen and phosphorus, when washed into waterways can cause algal blooms which, through reducing the availability of oxygen in the water, kill fish and other organisms. Biofiltration works by channelling stormwater through gently sloping, vegetated areas which filter out sediments and reduce the rate of flow. Water subsequently trickles vertically through the soil where a combination of physical, chemical and biological factors further filters out contaminants. Research indicates that biofiltering stormwater successfully removes more than 90 per cent of heavy metals from water run-off.

Australian English dictionary. 2014.

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